To safely dig near buried facilities requires thorough planning. There are several detailed steps to properly managing even the simplest excavation. This new 9-lesson course covers complete training and legislation for excavation owners, workers and supervisors (Level 1 & 2). Highlights include classifying the three types of soil prior to digging, building solid, safe trench shores and structures, planning escape routes, arranging and verifying locates of buried facilities, and executing a complete ERAP (Emergency Response Assistance Plan) with local first responders. Excavations and trenches can be dangerous, and striking utilities or property underground can be hazardous and costly. The content of this course will teach workers to recognize the risks associated with ground disturbance and excavations, and how to control them as a team with administrative, engineering and personal protective measures. Before you dig, certify your workforce with SafetySync's online Ground Disturbance training.

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Did you know that SafetySync auto-generates a custom URL for your users to login with? Administrators have access to this URL that when clicked, brings the user directly to your company's SafetySync login page already customized with your logo, colors, and safety slogan.

Add this link to your company intranet, external website or anywhere you feel will have the most exposure to your workers.

Using this feature can help prevent confusion for workers that are entering the company name manually to login. We often see problems arise for workers especially when your company has Ltd. or something similar at the end of their name. Workers are unsure if it's "LTD", "Limited", or "LTD." With your custom login link you can remove that problem completely.

To get started with this feature head to your Company Profile page in the admin section in SafetySync and in the bottom right you'll find your custom login link already generated. You'll want to talk to your IT or web development team to get this added.

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New Admin MenuYour workers have been enjoying our new side menu for quite some time in their Employee Portal and today we've updated the Admin Portal with similar styling.

You'll also notice that we've set an indicator in the top right corner to specify which portal you're currently working in so that there is no confusion for administrators.

Our new side menu affords us unlimited space for adding new features, previously we were limited to the horizontal space and you probably noticed we were close to running out of room on a few tabs.

Additionally, new styling for the following pages on the employee portal is rolling out in the next few weeks: Forms List, Forms Details, Records Details, Action Item List, Action Item Details, Policy List, Policy Details.

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