We've setup a G2Crowd profile and are offering a $25 credit on your next invoice for administrators who leave us a review!

G2Crowd is like the Yelp! of the Software Industry and they have a mission to provide in-depth reviews of software and their capabilities for interested customers. Your review will go a long way to help spread the word of SafetySync and of course, the more customers we have the faster new features get built! You will be required to use a LinkedIn account to leave a review but this will help us determine who to give credits to and it helps G2Crowd filter out fluff reviews. They like to ask hard questions for their reviews so be prepared to answer what you like AND dislike about SafetySync as well as the solutions SafetySync has provided your business.

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Last years 2014 Western Conference on Safety was the best yet. Over 1200 people participated in the conference with over 25 sessions, more than 75 tradeshow booths, 5 post conference sessions and featuring speakers from across North America making this the largest Occupational Health and Safety conference in western Canada.

We'd love for you to stop by booth 44 and chat with a few members of our team!

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We're excited to announce a new feature for our customers that use doForms as their webform tool. You can now pre-populate the following data for a pending record in SafetySync upon submission:

  • Location
  • Submitted By Name
  • EquipmentID

There are few things you'll need to setup in your form details, namely the data that populates the subject line of a submitted record. Administrators will need to export a list of their locations, users and equipment from SafetySync. You would then use this spreadsheet to call your data when populating what appears in the subject line of each submitted record.

A help topic on this will be published soon with a step by step guide on this feature, but in the meantime feel free to call us to get setup.

If you're not a doForms client yet feel free to give them a shout and mention SafetySync to get a 10% discount on their services.


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