The Global Harmonized System - GHS - will soon become law in the US and around the globe. OSHA standards will change significantly as new hazard classes are added, standardized labels are introduced, and expanded Safety Data Sheets replace the former MSDS for all chemicals. With the implementation goal of June 2015 just around the corner, employers using hazardous substances should already be preparing the workplace and training employees on GHS standards for communicating and understanding hazard information. SafetySync has recently added a five-lesson course on the GHS and its impact on chemical suppliers, employers and workers; now open and available for all clients. Learn about the new pictograms, new hazard classes, labeling format and requirements and the expanded Safety Data Sheets (SDS) which will be mandatory once the GHS is in force. The online course includes a test and quiz at the end of each lesson, all of which are linked to great tools for measuring, recording and rewarding employees who complete the course. Start preparing your workforce for the GHS now, with online training from SafetySync. 

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October Changelog

October has been a busy month for changes at SafetySync. Here's a list of recent features added and bug fixes.

  • You can now rotate uploaded certificates.
  • For quizzes that have an image we've added a "click to enlarge" label to them so users are aware of this functionality.
  • In the positions page under the policies tab you can see the review time that has been set for each policy as well as the total review time for all policies assigned.
  • Added a survey tab to the position details page so you can enable suverys by position.
  • Added a competency tab to the position details page so you can enable competencies by position.
  • On the employee details page you can run multiple pdf reports on the user's various requirements.
  • Added a new subordinate compliance feature to the main dashboard. You can now see your most compliant subordinate vs. least compliant.
  • Added new texture to the menu on the employee portal.
  • Fixed a bug in forms that was preventing a user from switching the frequency back to "only as required" for locations under forms.
  • Fixed a bug that was not allowing a user to add more than one company credential without refreshing the page.
  • Clarified upload errors in various pages to make the exact error more clear for the user.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing competency assessments in rare cases.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing certain .jpeg images to be uploaded as certificates.
  • Users can now see how many safety points they earn for being deemed competent in a competency assessment on the "How to Earn Points" page.

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We've listened to your requests and we're happy to announce that Incident Tracking is currently in development. This feature will be included in your monthly subscription and will have no additional cost to use it!

We'll be breaking the development into a few stages and below is the roadmap for how the feature will work.

Stage 1 - Incident Categorization

Allow administrators to create an incident and associate records that have been uploaded into SafetySync as related to the incident.

Stage 2 - Incident Involvement

Allow administrators to associate workers, contractors, etc. with the incident and how they were involved. i.e. Witness, Fatality, Loss Time Case, etc. We will show these links in the various areas of the portal where you'll want to see them: Employee Details, Equipment Details, etc.

Stage 3 - Basic Statistics

How many incidents were near misses? Lost time cases? Modified duty cases? Administrators will be able pull an overview of all incidents that have occurred during the timeframe they choose as well which of the incidents are reportable to governing bodies.

Stage 4 - Advanced Statistics

How many first aid incidents involved hand injuries? How many hours can I record due to lost time cases? What's my TRIF? For each incident you will be able to enter detailed information to pull statistics from. Use this data to improve your safety program.

Customers can expect the functionality to be rolled out in the above stages. We're hoping to get lots of feedback from administrators testing it out so stay tuned for the initial launch announcement.

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