Are you interested in using the SafetySync rewards program as part of your Occupational Health and Safety Management System, but are unable to allow your employees to wear the embroidered clothing items at work due to the fact they work in an Electric Arc, Flash Fire or Combustible Dust Explosion environment?

No worries!  Let our customer service department know when they set up your Rewards component that you need Flame Resistant Embroidery Thread.  We will embroider your clothing items with Gunold Poly Fire flame resistant thread.  This polyester thread has a special coating, preventing the thread from catching fire easily.

Please keep in mind that unlike our regular selection of over 200 embroidery thread colors, the Poly Fire thread is only available in a handful of colors (like Soft White, Christmas Red, Black, Steel Grey and so on.  If you have special colors in your company logo, you may want to go all-white or all-black for your embroidered clothes.

Promote your brand, reward your employees, and still keep them safe!

Security Question : 8 + 8 ?

Administrators that have permissions to view the HR / Notes tab for workers now can utilize the tab for workers made inactive or terminated. This will allow administrators the ability to leave notes and review relevant information without moving the worker active again. Previously the tab was hidden for inactive or terminated workers but based off client request we have added the ability to have it always present.

Security Question : 8 + 8 ?

March Changelog

New Features

  • A major design update has taken place in the employee portal. Top level pages have been updated with new styles in almost every section
  • The bulletin board for workers now displays three tabs: one for received bulletins, one for sent bulletins, and one for drafts. This eliminates the need for three separate links in the main menu
  • Records and Forms have been consolidated to form a single component in the employee portal
  • You can now drag and drop files to upload records in the employee portal
  • Employees can now easily browse completed records by record type without running a search query in the employee portal
  • Completed records can now be sorted by the header column of choice in the employee portal
  • Action Items can now be viewed without leaving the related record page in the employee portal
  • doForms users can now submit records that auto-populate the filled in by name, location, and equipmentID for a record that is listing as Pending in SafetySync
  • When adjusting a users safety rewards points a reason is now required
  • When adjusting users' safety reward points you can now assign points to multiple users without clicking "add points" for each user
  • Spellcheck is back in our text editor!
  • Added a new graphic landing page when you try to access a page you do not have permissions for
  • We've added sorting by header options to various pages in the employee portal that need it
  • Your subordinates in the employee portal now display their contact photo directly in the list
  • Added a new "Download All Certificates" button in the employee details page under Training>>Certificates
  • Added the proper checks to force workers to click "Start Lesson" before challenging a quiz for custom courses
  • When a worker replies to a certificate rejection email, the admin that rejected it now will receive their email reply
  • Added a "Print Report" button to Training>>Certificates in the My Subordinates section
  • In the various pages that use our "type to suggest" functionality we've tweaked this behaviour and made it more intuitive
  • When navigating to a worker from the Inactive or Terminated tab in the employee and you use the breadcrumb to go back, your search results and selected tab are now preserved
  • You can now add embed code as a custom lesson
  • Added a new Save Changes button to the top of the personal details page to make saving changes more intuitive
  • Changed how SDS and Workplace labels are downloaded in the employee portal to make it more intuitive for the worker

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that wasn't wrapping long names of subordinates on the employee dashboard
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Google Chrome users from pasting into the form summary text box on the form details page and a couple text boxes in the Safety Data Sheets page
  • We've updated our text editor to the latest version which fixed a few bugs Internet Explorer users were experiencing
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing pasting into the text editor found in bulletins, policies, or job descriptions 
    • Fixed a bug that was sometimes preventing users from pressing enter
    • Fixed a bug that was sometimes preventing spaces being entered if you typed too fast
  • We've cleaned up some formatting issues in our Custom Courses component
  • Fixed a bug that was displaying a number error in the Employee Compliance tab on a number of components
  • Fixed a bug that wasn't applying the correct logic for the "force workers to review the video if they fail the quiz" option if the administrator had also set the option to "allow workers to challenge the quiz without watching the video" in the training course settings
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing IE 8,9, and 10 users from deleting employees
  • Fixed a major issue with logging out and the user credentials not being properly cleared in some cases
  • Fixed a bug that logged you out when pressing enter after setting a password for employees in Company>>Employees
  • Fixed a bug that showed a mismatch in the bulletin compliance report for individual workers from what was displayed in SafetySync in the Employee Details page

Incident Tracking Beta

  • Cleaned up styles and adding more consistent formatting
  • We've removed the "Incident Name" field as we found that the majority of users simply duplicated what they entered for Incident ID here. In it's place we've added a simple number scheme that increases every time you create a new incident: 0001, 0002, 0003, etc.

Security Question : 8 + 8 ?