WHMIS 2015 is Live

Just in time for the June 1st launch of WHMIS 2015 we've made our new course available so you can train your workers in anticipation of the switch. There are a few important things to note about the course:

  • If you are a manufacture or importer you can must implement WHMIS 2015 no later than June 1st 2017.
  • If you are a  distributer you have until June 1st 2018 to implement WHMIS 2015.
  • If you are an employer you have until December 1st 2018 to fully implement WHMIS 2015.

During the transition period, you may receive hazardous products that follow either WHMIS 1988 or WHMIS 2015 requirements. To ensure worker protection, employers must educate and train workers about WHMIS 2015 as new labels and SDSs appear in their workplaces. During the transition period, employers may continue to have WHMIS 1988 labels and MSDSs in the workplace – if so, they must also continue to educate workers about WHMIS 1988. Employers must review and comply with the WHMIS requirements of their occupational health and safety jurisdiction.

In SafetySync you'll note that if you have WHMIS 1988 and WHMIS 2015 set as required it will cause issues for workers that start getting reminders that WHMIS 1988 is expiring soon. Because of this, we recommend all companies make WHMIS 1988 optional and WHMIS 2015 required. That way an expired WHMIS 1988 course will not affect their compliance. You may have a few workers who have just completed WHMIS 1988 but they will need to review the updated changes in WHMIS 2015 since you may begin receiving newly labelled products starting June 1st.

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Administrators can now create section headers for forms. To get started head to Documentation>>Forms and click . You can then title your new section header and once complete head to a form you want to place under the header. On the settings tab you'll notice a new "Form Header" drop down that lists the available headers you have created. Assign the form and click Save Changes. Your form will now appear in My Portal for your workers to see.

You'll notice this functionality differs from what you may be used to used to with Policies and Procedures. Assigning forms to a specific header allows us to prepare for the future in which we plan to offer drag and drop functionality for sorting forms and headers.

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April Changelog

New Features


  • You can now add headers for Forms! The functionality for this differs from what you see in Policies and Procedures so be sure to read the help text when adding a form header
  • For inactive or terminated workers the HR / Notes tab will now always be visible in their employee details page, provided the admin viewing the page has proper permissions to view this tab
  • You can now head to the records component setting and only allow workers to view records submitted for their location in the employee portal (enabling this will still take into account the various view settings for employees set on the form details page)
  • Admins can now allow unapproved records to be viewed by employees in My Portal
  • Admins can now see an employee's email preferences on their Employee Details page
  • Admins can now set headers for performance criteria for competencies


  • Added an updated Adobe Flash player notice if the computer you are attempting to view training on doesn't have Adobe Flash player installed
  • The Policy Details page in My Portal has been redesigned, we now more clearly showcase any forms related to the policy and we've increased the area to view text and PDF files
  • The Bulletin Details page in My Portal has been redesigned. Workers can now see attached files better and we've increased the available text room as well as stream-lined the comment area to further promote adding comments
  • Employees who print a bulletin will now have an updated print screen that cleans up the look of a printed bulletin
  • Workers will see forms organized by headers if an admin adds headers for forms

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was sorting bulletins YYYY>DD>MM instead of the correct YYYY>MM>DD format
  • Fixed a bug that wasn't allowing tables to be pasted into bulletins, policies, or job descriptions
  • Fixed a bug that broke auto suggestion functionality when adding new action items immediately after adding a new record
  • Fixed a bug that was throwing an error when uploading records with brackets () in the filename in My Portal
  • Fixed a bug that was bringing up a blank image when supervisors tried to view a subordinates certificate.

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