In spite of overwhelming proof that seatbelts save lives, many drivers are still not in the habit of buckling up. The challenge of reaching out to motorists with a powerful message is ongoing, but one public safety message in the UK is on the right track, focussing on family, home and simple but clever staging to make its point.

Embrace Life, sends a seatbelt safety message that is hard to forget. Created in England in 2010, it's part of an awareness campaign to save lives by getting drivers and passengers to buckle up together. We've made it available as an alternate video in our Seatbelts and Engineered Life Space lesson, part of the Safe Driving Practices course module.

The default lesson version features a compelling production by the RCMP and Precision Drilling. The video and quiz educate drivers using facts and testimonials from crash survivors, with topics covering rollover survival and seatbelt facts and myths. Being ejected from a vehicle decreases your chance of surviving a crash by 60%. The interior of a modern car or truck is engineered to keep you safe in an impact or rollover with a combination of release points, airbags and restraint systems. The reward of being safely harnessed into the engineered space of your vehicle could be life itself.

Keep yourself and your loved ones alive when you drive. Embrace Life. Buckle up.

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If you've logged into your Adobe FormsCentral account lately you've no doubt seen the message that they are shutting down permanently. Your data and forms will no longer be available after July 28th, 2015.

There are a multitude of forms tools out there, all with varying degrees of features and integrations. Below is a quick list of tools that can integrate with SafetySync(there are many more):

Some of the tools above such as FormStack will allow you to import forms from other tools with minimal tweaks needed. Some have much more advanced features such as workflow behaviour for forms, mobile apps, API integrations, etc.

Addtionally, we are partnered with certain form tools, so contact us to learn about discounts or to see if it's possible we can partner with form tools you may be interested in.

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As SafetySync grows and our customer base increases, the number of emails being sent out by our customers also increases. These emails include everything from compliance reports, password resets to safety bulletins. The number sent per day is now numbered in the thousands as there is a wide variety of functionality available to you via email notifications.

Unfortunately there is a downside to these features when your employees use third party email providers such as Google (Gmail), Microsoft (Hotmail, Live), or Yahoo. These senders, of course, allow users to mark unwanted emails as spam. In a lot of cases your employees might not be too thrilled to receive weekly compliance emails or safety bulletins they deem unnecessary. After a great number of users start to mark emails coming from SafetySync as spam, Microsoft, Google and Yahoo take notice and start the process of flagging all emails from SafetySync as spam, even if a user hadn't previously marked our emails as spam. This is all done via algorithms that rely on crowd sourced data. There are no whitelists at any of these companies as they don't investigate issues like this on a case by case basis.

As a result, we have noticed an increasing amount of emails sent to third party email providers that are automatically sent to spam or in some cases they don't appear to arrive at all, this is more likely to happen if you use a corporate Google Apps account.

In an effort to combat this growing trend we have been recommended by Google and Microsoft to add an UNSUBSCRIBE button to every outgoing email we send that brings your employee to a landing page where they can edit their communication preferences. We will also send an email stating which worker has unsubscribed to the email listed in your bounce email address field . Additionally we'll add a I DON'T WORK HERE ANYMORE button to every email so that employees that no longer work for you have an easy way to notify you that they wish to be removed from your employee roster.

We've noticed that a lot of the companies that are having issues have 7 day compliance reminders enabled so we'll be removing the 7 day compliance email reminder option and changing any company that has selected it to a 14 day schedule. This will make your workers less likely to report an email as spam.

If you're using hosted email services such as Exchange, this notice does not affect you. As long as our domain is whitelisted on the exchange level all our emails should flow with no problems. 

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