As the popularity of custom embroidered clothing items (with each client's company logo) increases, we continually get requests to add more items to our Safety Rewards catalog.  We've added a bit more warehouse space and brought in a new selection of new clothing items:

 These new items include:

  • Fitted baseball caps (no adjustable straps - available in two colors and two sizes)
  • Performance golf polos (both in men's and women's styles - black or white)
  • Denim jackets
  • Denim shirts
  • Soft shell jackets (men's, women's, and insulated versions)
  • Duck cloth work jackets

We have these items in stock in all the popular sizes (Small to 2XL), so like our other clothing items, they are ready to embroider and ship, usually the same day.

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November Changelog

Just a quick update on some changes for users in the last week:

  • Administrators can now reject certificates that have been uploaded by workers. You can enter a reason why and if the worker has their email on file they will receive a notification from the administrator with the reason entered for the rejection.
  • Administrators can now prequalify workers for competencies directly from their Employee Details page.
  • Administrators can now upload records from the admin portal instead of only from the employee portal.
  • We've clarified which pre-requisites are completed when a worker is viewing a competency that has been assigned to their position.
  • Administrators can upload an ERP into the Location Details page that is associated with the selected location. Functionality for the worker to view these ERP's is coming soon.
  • Procedure headers will no longer be displayed for the worker if there are no assigned procedures under the header for their position.
  • Altered logic on "coming due" status for forms and equipment.

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We've added a calculator for administrators who want to estimate the cost of enabling safety rewards at their company.

Administrators will be able to calculate costs based on the average number of elements enabled at their company. For example, there might be twenty policies that are required on average, across the various positions in your company. You can determine how much it will cost to award five points for the completion of each policy, or maybe just one point instead, or you could also include optional policies in your calculations. Additionally, you can take into account any future elements you want may add as requirements for the company. Perhaps you aren't using competencies yet, but plan on adding 20 competencies in the future, you can create a cost estimate with this in mind.

Our calculator also gives you the current average redemption rate. What's this? This is the rate at which items have been redeemed compared to the outstanding amount of points that are sitting unspent by workers across all companies using Safety Rewards. For example you might have $5000 of points available for your workers to spend, but if our calculations show that only around 50% of points are spent by workers, it would bring your first year costs to around $2500. This is especially useful because we don't bill you when points are awarded, only when they are redeemed.

When using the calculator it's important to remember that these are estimates for the first year only. Since components like training are usually on a 3 year expiration, workers won't have a chance to earn points until their compliance is about to expire. Same thing goes for policies and procedures, workers cannot review these again unless administrators designate a major change, which resets everyone's compliance. Additionally, your costs could be increased by using scratch cards or manually assigning points to workers as well. Keep these things in mind when you use the calculator and if you have questions or concerns please give us a call.

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