Administrators now have the ability to receive notifications of any communications from the system that do not reach their intended recepients. 

For example if a safety alert is sent out to an email account that does not exist the administrator listed in the Bounce Email Address field will receive a copy of the safety alert along with the reason for the failed delivery. This feature will help ensure your reach is as wide as possible along with notifications of any address that may be spelled incorrectly in the system .

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Administrators in SafetySync will now have the ability to view all Coming Due / Past Due certificates in an easy to read list format. 

Previously, an administrator would use our certificate matrix to get similar data but we understand that it would become unwieldly for our mid to large sized companies.

From this page you can simply click on an expired or coming due certificate to be brought to the certificate details page where you can schedule a training session for your worker or update their compliance with a current certificate. Head to the Training>>Certificates section in your company administration portal to get started.

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If your company uses Enform as their PIR we've added their latest audit standard that you'll need to complete your SECOR. 

The companion guide with submission guidelines and specifics of documents you are required to submit can be located here.

If you're not familiar with our Audit Review tool you'll definitely want to check it out. We provide a check list to do a self audit for your company and on top of that you can upload the documents you need to fulfill specific sections of the audit standard.

When it comes time for your audit you can add your auditor in SafetySync with a special "view only permissions" position. They'll be able to go through your checklist and see the required documents and confirm that training records, policy distribution, management communication, etc. requirements have all been fulfilled.

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