Audit time can be stressful.  Like most safety managers you might be anxious about whether you have reviewed every element of a safety protocol, and whether you have  the systems in place or documentation to prove due diligence.  Or you could have the system in place, but may be lacking the "link" between each audit bullet (for some standards there are over 100 bullets) and the processes and records that satisfy the requirements. 

We have recently introduced a new SafetySync component that we call "Audit Preparation and Review".  This tool offers administrators the ability to select any number of standards (such as Enform Certificate of Recognition - COR or CSA Z1000) which they would like to prepare for and achieve.

Unlike other audit review software on the market, this SafetySync component is designed for safety managers and administrators for internal purposes only.  Essentially, it is meant to help organizations perform better on their external audits, and to perform internal audits in the interim.

Each audit protocol allows administrators to drill down to the bullet level (such as Enform COR 2010 D1.b in the example below).

For each bullet, you can:
  1. Enter notes (what systems you have in place, progress being made, plans, explanations, etc.)
  2. Update the status (as either "Compliant", "Not Applicable" or "Deficient")
  3. Link to web pages (such as policies, training videos, certificates, compliance reports) in either SafetySync or other online systems
  4. Upload documents (such as spreadsheets, Word or PDF documents) in the event you do not have an online system in place

Once you have all the appropriate links or documents in place to satisfy the bullet, change the status to "Compliant" (it will track the date and user for each entry).  Keep doing this for each subsequent bullet until you have every one covered, meaning you've either completed the internal audit, or you are ready for a 3rd party auditor to come in and check your work.

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