Our customers have long been asking for tutorial videos that demonstrate how to perform certain functions in the SAFETYSYNC online safety management system.  Some tutorials have already been posted on our website and our new YouTube channel, while many more are in the works. 

The videos are recorded in high definition (1280 x 720), so we recommend maximizing the video window to enjoy them in their full 1080p resolution.

The first tutorial was posted a few weeks ago.  It walks you through the various steps involved in upload a video safe operating procedure to the online safety management system (7 minutes):

1.  Why use videos to document safe operating procedures
2.  Tips for recording safe operating procedure videos
3.  Upload the procedure to YouTube as an "unlisted" video
4.  Link to the procedure video from SafetySync
5.  Overview of various settings (assignment to positions)
6.  Workers log in and review safe operating procedure

This feature is proving to be very popular with our existing clients, since it allows the companies to not only demonstrate how to do the tasks safely, but also how to do them correctly (and therefore avoid costly operational headaches).

We recommend that company safety managers and administrators subscribe to the SAFETYSYNC YouTube channel in order to stay informed on the new "How to" tutorials that will be posted from time to time.  If you "Like" the video, please mark it accordingly in YouTube with the "thumbs-up" button, and post any comments you feel are warranted.

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Another safety alert went out this week from the industry safety association for the oil and gas industry in Canada informing its members of another fatality.

This particular case involved a worker being in the drum area of the draw works and getting caught up in the line when the lever control was accidentally engaged.  Every incident like this is due to a different set of circumstances, but the contributing factors are consistent.  There are almost always the following problems with the company's safety management system:
  • "No implementation of work procedures to control work activities"
  • "The procedures for conducting the work were insufficient to prevent the incident"
  • "Personnel on location did not recognize the dangers associated with the task"
What the investigators are trying to say is that employers should invest more time and effort in developing safe work procedures and communicating them to their employees.

Very rarely do customers sign up for SafetySync for the Safe Operating Procedure module, but it is the component that will likely have the most dramatic improvement to safety at the company.  This is especially true if you record videos of competent employees explaining what could go wrong with the task, and how to complete every step correctly.

Having safe work procedures and a system like SafetySync to deliver them to your workers will go a long way toward reducing the likelihood of an incident at your workplace.  Sign up today and roll out the procedures you have ASAP; the basic system we offer is absolutely free.

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A couple of months back, one of our clients mentioned that they were reluctant to transfer their safe work procedures to our Safety Management System, because they had a unique system of listing the personal protective equipment (PPE) required at the top of the procedure.  This made for a quick reference and introduced a common element among procedures that could be easily scanned by workers prior to performing the task.

Well as usual, we've taken a client's idea and taken it even further.  The administrator will be provided with 14 PPE pictograms (eye protection, face protection, welder's helmet, head protection, hearing protection, gloves, protective footwear, dust mask, respirator, SCBA, apron, protective clothing, body suit, and high-visibility vest) and checkboxes below each one.  It is simply a matter of selecting the appropriate PPE.  Workers will then see the appropriate PPE pictograms in the Safe Work Procedure.
Amr Nour
14 Dec 2013
I would like to use these pictograms as part of my Safety documents. Can you provide them alone? Could they also be editable like shown in the picture i.e colured if checked and grayed out if not? Please feel free to contact me by e-mail: nour.amr@gmail.com. Thanks.
Brian Nodwell
24 Oct 2011
We are in the business of providing software to help companies manage their safety programs. The PPE pictograms are on a web page in the software where an administrators can choose which ones apply to the procedure they are reviewing (for both written and video procedures). If you used our tool to prepare the safe work procedure (add steps, hazards, controls and assign risk levels), you could print out the procedure(s) with the PPE pictograms, although by default they are only designed to fit on 8 ½” x 11” paper. If you wanted a larger poster, you’d have to take your image(s) to a print shop.
Doug Ewart
24 Oct 2011
I would like to use these pictograms as aprt of a Safety poster in our loading Areas Are thy available for use in that way? Do you make the posters? Please feel free to contact me by phone: 306-###-#### (deleted by moderator). Thanks.

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