If you've been curious about creating a custom course and deploying it to your workers we've just created a new help topic that will guide you through the process:

New formats for uploading courses are on the horizon and we're working on a way to upload HTML5 courses from many popular LMS course builders such as Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline.

Adding choice for your preferred training delivery format is a priority of ours so stay tuned to hear about updates coming to custom courses this year!

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If you've been curious about Slideshare's integration with SafetySync check out our newly added help topic on adding Slideshare content into SafetySync:


Slideshare is a content hosting tool owned by LinkedIn that allows you to automatically convert PowerPoint presentations into an online format, you can even insert YouTube videos in between slides. We've leveraged Slideshare's embedding capabilities to deploy this content as custom training in SafetySync where you can track compliance and write a knowledge test for your workers. Have a look and get started with this new, easy to manage training format.

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The Government of Canada has announced a phase out and retrofit of older TC/DOT 111 rail tank cars used in the transport of crude oil and other flammable liquids. This is the result of a rise in the quantity of crude oil, ethanol, sour crude and natural gas being transported today along with an increased risk of tank car failure in older model TC/DOT 111 tank cars. Transport Canada has also introduced building specifications for newer and safer rail tank cars produced after October 1, 2015, labeled TC/DOT 117.      

SafetySync has added a new chapter to our TDG - Means of Containment lesson that outlines design specifications for the new TC/DOT 117 tank cars.  The course also includes a schedule outlining phase out dates for older model tank cars and lists performance requirements and documentation expected for retrofitted older tank cars. 

For more in depth information on specific timelines, regulations and the benefits and costs associated with the new rail tank car amendments, visit http://www.gazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p2/2015/2015-05-20/html/sor-dors100-eng.php

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