GHS and Your Company

We've had a lot of clients ask us when we're going to have our new GHS course available, but unfortunately we're still waiting for the details of GHS implementation to be finalized in Canada.

GHS has already completly replaced HAZCOM in the USA, but according to the CCOHS there are still many details on the scope of GHS to come from Health Canada before it replaces WHMIS.

See the below quote on the target date for implementation of GHS from the CCOHS:

Health Canada is the government body responsible for making the required changes to the WHMIS related laws. Final regulations are expected to be published in the Canada Gazette Part II in 2014. Health Canada’s goal is to have the updated WHMIS laws in force by 2015 or later. In force means that suppliers may begin to use and follow the new requirements for labels and SDSs for hazardous products sold, distributed, or imported into Canada at that time. A transition period is expected, but the dates have not yet been announced.

Provincial and territorial WHMIS regulations will also require updating.  It is expected that jurisdictions will complete this update by June 2016.  Employers will be expected to have updated their WHMIS program and training to include the alignment with GHS at this time (exact timelines to be determined).

When the scope of GHS in Canada is finalized you can be sure we'll be adding it to the list of courses we offer exclusively in our OHSMS.

For more information head over to the CCOHS site:

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By request, we've added a new lesson in our Commercial Vehicles course called Pre-trip Walk-Around Inspection.

We currently have four video versions of the lesson so if you'd like to turn this lesson on for your company you'll want to review each video to find the one most suited to your company.

Head over to our training course list to get started today.


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We've had a few requests by clients who wanted to see the respirator section of our existing Personal Protective Equipment course moved to its own stand-alone course. We've made the move today and if you previously had it enabled, all your compliance was moved to the new course.

As an administrator you'll need to perform one task to make it active again. Simply login to your company administration portal and assign the course to the positions you want to record compliance for.

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