One of the unique features of SafetySync training programs is choice. As an administrator you are free to select the best video version of a course or lesson to match the content you need to cover. For example our Introduction to WHMIS lesson offers a choice of five different videos, each with a slightly different focus. The menu of training options is designed with the diverse needs of our clients in mind, and the choices keep expanding.

After you've picked the right content for your course, you're then able to build a quiz to suit the material. By simply choosing and checking off the questions you need from the course list, you create your own testing standard. Choice affords the best use of your time; you include only the information that matters in your workplace. And if you can't find the training system you need, we're glad to help in any way possible. Custom courses and testing make SafetySync the best training choice for specialized industry and growing business.

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We're excited to launch a new safety course in Farm Machinery! Living and working around farm equipment is both rewarding and challenging. Large machines like combines and tractors require thorough training in operation and safety awareness. During harvest time, with long work days and tight schedules, it's easy to forget simple safety practices on the road and in the field. 

This four-lesson course teaches best practices for the safe operation of large farm vehicles. Whether working alone or with people on the ground, this course will prepare farm machine operators to be alert and aware from sun up to sun down. Everything from maintenance to rollover prevention is covered in this great series of video lessons produced by North Dakota State University.

Adminstrators can access this and other courses from the Admin portal under Training.

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Administrators now have the ability to reset the compliance of a course for their workers. Head to Training>>Courses and select a course from the list. In the Employee Compliance tab you'll find this new feature (hit search to bring up the list of workers).

Why would you want to reset compliance? If a worker leaves the company and comes back after some time you may want them to review their training again, or if there is an incident involving a particular worker it may be a good time for a refresher. There's lots of other scenarios as well which were the basis for this request from our clients.

If you have feedback or comments please don't hesitate to contact us.

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