One of the most common risks presented by lithium batteries is their ability to cause fires if improperly designed or assembled.  As a result, the international guidelines for controlling the shipment of lithium batteries have changed.  Those shippers of lithium metal and lithium ion batteries are now required to understand and comply with new International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations.                                                                                                                                            

At SafetySync we have updated our online course in this area to reflect the magnanimous demand for lithium batteries in powering everything from cell phones and drills to laptops and hover boards.  This course now features a more in depth look into the differences between lithium ion and lithium metal.  It also provides a more concise view of the common terms and definitions used when referring to everyday lithium battery use.  

Along with all of this, SafetySync also provides a glimpse at the regulations surrounding air shipment of lithium batteries.  What types of lithium batteries are permitted for air transport?  What does it mean if a battery is contained within equipment versus being shipped with equipment?  All these questions and more are addressed in this updated lesson.  We explain the proper packing methods which prevent unwanted activation in transport.  Also featured is a concise look at the various labels used in the shipping of lithium batteries and their correct applications.  Finally, you are presented with a thorough glance at the regulations surrounding those shipments of lithium batteries inside and outside of the U.S. and Canada.  For more information on lithium batteries and new international air shipping regulations visit

At SafetySync we are steadfast in providing our customers with concise, updated learning.  This lesson is developed as a result of our commitment to our online safety program and keeping workers safe and prepared for hazards on the job.   

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has new first aid awareness lessons available for you to check out!  


It's all you've ever wanted to know about being a first responder and emergency first aid.  

At SafetySync we are proud to announce the unveiling of five new lessons in emergency first aid and response.  These tutorials have been developed based on Red Cross recommendations and up to date first responder training all presented with the use of helpful animation and imagery.  It includes beneficial step-by-step instructions on everything from how to call 9-1-1 to using an asthma inhaler.  These 5 lessons are the beginning of a 12 lesson course in first aid awareness which includes:

Emergency Preparation and Response*

  • Learn about the first aiders roles

  • How to prepare for emergencies and disasters

  • Post emergency and disaster strategies

  • Methods of preventing infection

Emergency Medical Services*

  • Learn about the various types of EMS

  • How and when to call EMS

  • How to properly move a sick or injured person

Injury Assessment*

  • Learn how to check a scene

  • Methods of assessing a sick or injured person

  • How to identify and treat signs of shock

Airway and Choking Emergencies*

  • Learn about the various types and causes of choking

  • How to treat a conscious or unconscious choking person.

Breathing Emergencies*

  • Learn the rules on helping administer medication

  • Treating hyperventilation and asthma                       

  • Assisting with inhalers

  • Treating allergic reactions and anaphylaxis

  • Assisting in the use of an epinephrine auto-injector

Emergency situations can happen anywhere, anytime, at home or in the workplace.  Whether you are on scene when a person collapses while clutching their throat, witness a co-workers severe allergic reaction to a workplace material or are first to respond in a traffic collision, being educated on how to secure an accident scene and provide emergency first aid is always an asset.   First aid knowledge gives you the confidence to ACT quickly, safely and responsibly. 
Stay tuned for more lessons in first aid to be released by SafetySync in the near future.  You can look forward to learning about CPR, how to treat burns, cuts, broken bones and much more.    These lessons will include: 
  • Circulation Emergencies
  • CPR
  • Wounds
  • Head and Spine Injuries
  • Bone, Muscle and Joint Injuries
  • Sudden and Environmental Emergencies
  • Poisoning
At SafetySync, we are committed to our online safety program and keeping workers and employers protected in the workplace.  Remember, your training could save a person’s life!

   *Enjoy these five lessons available to watch now.

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SafetySync now supports the ability to use the new Microsoft Sway tool as a custom lesson. Sway is a free content building tool that is sort of like PowerPoint, but comes with a lot more interactivity. Create your presentation and you'll be given embed code that can be pasted into SafetySync using the SlideShare option. 

Microsoft has published a few tutorial videos to get you started.

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