N.O.R.M., Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material, is everywhere. A byproduct of decaying uranium in the earth's crust, N.O.R.M. is found in everything from concrete and paint to the human body. One particular material, radon gas, is a naturally occurring but hazardous radioactive element which can be dangerous when allowed to accumulate in confined spaces where people live and work. 

This new course teaches important information on N.O.R.M. in the home and the workplace, with a focus on radon gas. The particles in radon gas can settle in the human lung if inhaled, where they continue to emit radioactive energy, creating a serious heath risk. Proper detection and remediation of accumulated radon in confined living and work spaces is covered in detail in our two-lesson course. Industries prone to elevated levels of N.O.R.M. are outlined as well, along with protective measures and equipment for reducing the risk to workers.

N.O.R.M. will never go away entirely, but it can be accurately measured and controlled with the right techniques. Preventing radon from building up and making people sick calls for specific measures such as the use of approved detection methods and equipment, the creation of effective escape routes for trapped gas, and getting medical check ups for everyone who might be exposed. This SafetySync custom course provides a complete overview of current concerns and correction practices in the effort to keep radon levels low and safe in our environment.

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In spite of overwhelming proof that seatbelts save lives, many drivers are still not in the habit of buckling up. The challenge of reaching out to motorists with a powerful message is ongoing, but one public safety message in the UK is on the right track, focussing on family, home and simple but clever staging to make its point.

Embrace Life sends a seatbelt safety message that is hard to forget. Created in England in 2010, it's part of an awareness campaign to save lives by getting drivers and passengers to buckle up together. We've made it available as an alternate video in our Seatbelts and Engineered Life Space lesson, part of the Safe Driving Practices course module.

The default lesson version features a compelling production by the RCMP and Precision Drilling. The video and quiz educate drivers using facts and testimonials from crash survivors, with topics covering rollover survival and seatbelt facts and myths. Being ejected from a vehicle decreases your chance of surviving a crash by 60%. The interior of a modern car or truck is engineered to keep you safe in an impact or rollover with a combination of release points, airbags and restraint systems. The reward of being safely harnessed into the engineered space of your vehicle could be life itself.

Keep yourself and your loved ones alive when you drive. Embrace Life. Buckle up.

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If you're running the latest version of Android (5.0 Lollipop), Dolphin Browser has brought Adobe Flash support back! While there aren't many devices running Android 5.0, we expect the number to grow substantially in 2015 as carriers push updates out. See the link below to install Dolphin Browser now:


It will prompt you to install Adobe Flash when you try to play a training video from SafetySync. Once installed, you'll be able to view our training just like you would on a PC.

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