I have started to see a theme develop that is interesting when working with online safety management systems; they make safety managers a little uncomfortable… at first.

Originally I thought companies were hesitant to put their safety programs online because of the overall anxiety of pure change, working with new technology, and data security issues (which are not really issues, since online service providers like SafetySync have similar data security systems as major banks).

I now realize that some companies fear having an online safety management system because it could potentially expose holes in their safety. Huge piles of paperwork and forms make it difficult to monitor a company’s compliance levels, providing managers with a “safety net” in case certain elements are incomplete or poorly implemented.

Systems like SafetySync make it difficult (if not impossible) for companies to take short cuts when implementing their safety programs. For example, management can no longer sign off on a fifteen minute orientation that covers 3 days of content, and an employee can no longer acknowledge a 130 page safety manual after 30 seconds of reading.

The obvious downside to a comprehensive system is that things take time to do right the first time. The upside is that it is done right the first time, which saves lives and law suits.

Our clients that have completed this experience have found that discovering and filling holes in their safety program is a big job. In the end, they are rewarded with the comfort of knowing that their safety management system works, and that they have the documentation to back it up.

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