As many contractors in the Energy Services industry are aware, Shell Exploration now requires its contractors' employees to have taken training on their 12 life saving rules.  Safety representatives at Shell were kind enough to provide a PowerPoint presentation with various bullet points on a handful of slides.  Unfortunately the presentation was lacking in a few areas:

  1. There were no slide notes, so employers are left to interpret how the slides should be narrated.
  2. The last slilde (#19) referred to a test and a requirement to score 100%, but no questions were provided.
  3. There was no indication how contractors might track which employees had taken the orientation (and when).

At the request of some of our customers, we've put the Life Saving Rules into a lesson and prepared a handful of quiz questions to verify understanding of the material.

As with our other orientations, this lesson is available free of charge to existing and new customers.  Feel free to sign up for our Contractor Orientation module if you wish to provide this training to your employees.  Don't wait, because all contractors were expected to be compliant by July 1!
M Afzal Qamar
15 Aug 2013
Love to know more about 12 life saving rules.
14 Nov 2012
i would like to always receive the presentation into my email box . Thans
Brian Nodwell
21 Aug 2009
Richenel, thanks for signing up! This blog post has generated a lot of interest. I'll take this opportunity to answer a few common questions: The orientation lasts [b]19 minutes[/b]. The file is a 3MB flash file that can be streamed at very low bandwidth (56K). There are [b]16 questions[/b] on the quiz. Shell protocol requires [b]100%[/b] on the quiz to pass. If you fail the quiz, you need to take the orientation again. There is no cost to take the orientation.
Richenel Provacia
21 Aug 2009
I woud like to recived the presentation, Curoil Companpy in Curacao

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