Joke of the Week

SafetySync has taken the first step down the positive reinforcement path.  We have a comedian, Malcolm, who entertains employees that have actively participated in your safety program during the last week.

The “Joke of the Week” is available to employees that are 100% compliant, or have moved closer to 100% compliance in the last week by completing a minimum number of elements (set by the administrator).  If an employee has not completed the required number of safety program elements, links are provided to the next required element(s).

The best part of the system is that at the end of Malcolm’s performance, employees can give him a thumbs-up by throwing him a bag of money, or a thumbs-down by throwing a tomato.

The Joke of the Week uses up less than a minute of your employees' time each week, but it sends an important message that you appreciate their contribution to the success of your safety program! 

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