As those of you using our Recordkeeping module appreciate, SafetySync is a great way to store completed safety forms (we call them "Records" once they have data on them to distinguish from "Forms" - which are the blank versions).  Until recently, the only way to submit these records was to upload them into the system.

We've now added a new feature which makes it easier for the less-tech-savvy employees in the field to send in their records: the old tried-and-true fax machine.  There are two ways to use the fax to route the records to the appropriate approver in your organization.

The first, is for the administrator to copy a unique bar code (available in the appropriate Form Details screen in Company Administration) and paste it somewhere on the Word, Excel or PDF document you use for your forms.  That way, each time an employee prints a form from the system, it will already have this bar code attached.

In some cases, it may not be practical (or even possible) to put a bar code on a form.  No worries; employees can simply print a fax cover sheet for the form, and submit it ahead of the record when sending the fax.  This cover sheet can be set aside and re-used for the same type of form again and again.

Simply have your employees fax their safety records (and cover sheets if needed) to 1-888-308-8804.  It's a toll-free number, so you will not incur any long distance charges.

The faxes get automatically routed to the records approval screen within minutes, for review and approval by an administrator.  If there are any deficiencies identified on the record, corrective actions can be assigned to individuals and due dates set.

Safety recordkeeping has never been easier!

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