When completing your COR, the first requirement is always, "Does your company have a written health & safety policy that is signed and dated by management?" As many of our clients know, SafetySync provides the means to fulfil this requirement and many other requirements to receive your COR. Currently, companies have been uploading a .pdf version of their Health & Safety policy that is signed by management to distribute to their employees. However, to use our built in version control component, text policies are needed.

We've heard your feedback and have recently added a feature for our Premium clients that will allow your company's signing authority from your company profile page to be attached to any text policies by enabling the signing authority in the policy details.


Once enabled, all printed copies of your policies will bear the company's signing authority as well. Again, this new feature can only be enabled if you are a Premium client. If you are not a Premium client but would like more information on the added features, please contact sales@safetysync.com or call our toll free line at 1 866 668 6402.

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