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Fair Pricing

We're all about fair, transparent, easy to understand pricing, and we're not afraid to show our price. All users are treated the same for cost and you don't have to worry about implementation fees, upfront fees, paid add-ons, or even a locked in contract. That's right, it's all month to month.

$ 5
per user / per month

Users: 1-49


Pricing Features Included One price for all users

Pricing Features Included Free automatic updates

Pricing Features Included Commitment free

Pricing Features Included Unlimited data storage

Pricing Features Included Dedicated customer support

Pricing Features Included Pro-rated invoicing

Easy and Simple Invoicing

Choose invoicing OAC or pay by credit card. At the end of each month we'll send you a list of the active users in SafetySync and discount the price if any workers are added or removed mid-month. If you decide to cancel your account we won't even send you a final invoice(but we'd be very surprised if you weren't happy with us and cancelled!)

Is price an issue?

We know you'll love our software but sometimes the people upstairs just don't get it. I mean really, safety doesn't generate revenue, right? We're still going to give you access to all of our amazing features with only a few reasonable restrictions.



Missing Features Ad-supported

Missing Features 500 mb storage limit

Missing Features No white labeling

Missing Features No customer support

Missing Features No creating custom courses

Missing Features No data exporting

Upgrade at any time

We've made the Can't Convince My Boss to Pay Plan as unrestricted as possible. So signup, invite your workers to login, and prove to your boss that SafetySync is worth paying for. Once they see it in action the pitch becomes that much easier.

Making the Case for Safety Software.

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