Certificate Tracking

Delete your spreadsheets! Seriously, we've developed this feature so that your safety team can do just that. Our HSE software allows workers AND safety teams to track the expiration of tickets. Digital copies of all certificates are stored and email reminders are sent out when tickets are going to expire. Get an overview of expiring tickets and even schedule training right from our software.

Add a Requirement
Your safety team can add custom 3rd party certificate requirements. Go one step further and schedule training sessions for groups of workers all at once.

Upload Certificates
Your workers AND your safety team can both upload certificates to help share the workload.

Approval Process
Certificates uploaded by workers go through an approval process by your safety team before they are considered compliant.

Coming Due Reminders
Your safety team and your workers both have access to a list of all tickets due to expire and workers can get email updates on their status.

Let's Get Started

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