Forms & Records

SafetySync allows you to use our OHS software as an online storage solution where workers can submit forms directly into the system. SafetySync also allows you to get rid of paper forms completely and move to online form tools. Our software integrates with your online form builder which can free up time spent on fax machines and scanning documents one by one.

Add Form Categories
Store master copies of your forms in SafetySync. Workers have access to download and print forms anywhere they have a printer. Use webforms to skip the printing completely!

Submit Completed Forms
Workers can upload forms directly into the system, send them via email, fax them in, or use online form tools to submit them directly to SafetySync.

Approval Process
Submitted forms go through an approval process by your safety team where action items can be logged for submissions.

Historical Records
Historical records are categorized and easily searchable for audits and following up on logged issues.

Let's Get Started

Having an email is a key feature of SafetySync.