Incident Tracking

Instead of simply filling out fields on an incident report, use your existing data in SafetySync to log incidents. Workers and equipment that you already have in SafetySync can be linked to incidents so you can easily run reports on injuries and damage costs. Keep all your documentation that relates to an incident in one place.

Create the Incident
Once you submit documentation for an incident you can begin adding basic data about the incident into SafetySync like the lead investigator, GPS coordinates, and more.

Link Workers
Link workers to the incident by adding the nature of their injury and the part of the body where it took place. Later you can query on injuries associated with workers at your company.

Link Equipment
Attach equipment/vehicles involved in the incident and designate the incident as Vehicle Incident if necessary. Later you can query incidents by Vehicle type.

Attach Forms
Every incident has a pile of documentation, right? Link forms to the incident so they are grouped in one place and easy to sort through and reference.

Log Action Items
Attach action items to incidents to do required follow-ups and ensure improvements are made to your safety program to prevent future occurences.

Run Statistics
With built-in reporting you can get the number of injuries in a given period quickly and efficiently. Filter by various parameters such as incident type and location.

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