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Safe Driving Practices

This course covers all aspects of vehicle safety. This includes both proper procedures when driving as well as how to deal with adverse conditions and hazards that a employee may encounter while driving.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Course Outline

Defensive Driving
22 mins
Trip and Journey Management
13 mins
Animals on the Road
15 mins
Poor Visibility Conditions
9 mins
Raining and Hydroplaning
16 mins
Winter Driving Conditions
10 mins
Off-Highway Driving
20 mins
Steep Grades
15 mins
Road Construction and Flaggers
11 mins
Seatbelts and Life Space
22 mins
14 mins
Share the Road (Big Rigs)
8 mins
Texting and Other Distractions
14 mins
19 mins
Road Rage
14 mins
Ice Roads
42 mins
Parking and Backing
6 mins

Total Time
4hrs, 30 mins